Why do we need Victorian Women in Wine?

It's time to start working together to provide women in the wine industry solid networking, build better pathways, find potential opportunities, educational options, and when needed advocacy.

Women make up ten percent of the wine industry in Australia.

Who can join?

We are open to anyone who is looking to help women in the wine industry, both male and female.

Why now?

Because we can't afford to wait any longer. Women are graduating with credentials in wine making or viticulture, yet aren't staying in the career. The future of women in wine needs to be fostered now.

Are you part of the Victorian Wine Show?

Well, technically, yes, because I am on the Victorian Wine Show committee; however, this is a separate enterprise altogether. The support of the Victorian Wine Show committee is what formed the foundation of Victorian Women in Wine. They continue to support women in the wine industry, and the Victorian Women in Wine initiative.

Are you looking for sponsorship or promotional materials?

Yes! We are definitely looking for sponsorship for networking events, educational speakers, marketing materials, and promotional products. If you have an idea in mind, please get in touch in our Contact Us page.